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Bettina  Veitch

Bettina Veitch



Born and raised in Switzerland, Bettina has lived in numerous cities around the world including Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Miami. Her experiences with a variety of cultures and people, paired with her ability to speak four languages, has helped her excel in various careers from travel and hospitality, to luxury real estate. After living in fast paced cities for most of her life, Bettina made the move to Cape Cod and now enjoys the peace and tranquility that the Cape provides. Real Estate and interior design have always been some of her main passions. Bettina has built and renovated several homes, and transformed many condos to have a well-balanced, harmonious space that one can relax in that also incorporates the beauty of the natural world. Balance is important to her both in and out of a home, and translates to her love for cooking, gardening, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends. Through loyalty, honesty, and diligence, and with her eye for detail and style, she has an unwavering commitment to help you achieve your goals, whether you are selling or purchasing a home. She can be reached directly at (305) 607-2343